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Professional Marble and Granite Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Repair, Leaky Shower Repair, and Concrete Cleaning and Polishing.



Thank you for visiting the home of Stone Tile and Grout Restoration Co.

Please take a moment to explore the other pages in this website - where you can find answers on how to clean marble, tile and grout, granite repair or leaky shower problems. 

We also list pictures of completed marble cleaning, marble polishing, marble counter top cleaning and sealing, granite repair, stone shower repairs, tile and grout cleaning and concrete polishing projects.

Before you decide to teardown and replace your existing marble or granite stone floor surface; any tile and grout, stone shower or shower pan; give us a call for an in-house evaluation.

We service the residential and commercial sectors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire and will travel outside the area under special arrangements.


Our list of service includes:  Natural Stone, Tile and Grout, Leaky Shower and Concrete Polishing.


Natural Stone Repair and Restoration Services

Professional marble cleaning, marble repair, marble polish and refinish of marble floor, shower walls, shower floor, marble counter top and marble vanity top.


Complete granite repair,  strip, clean and seal  granite floor,  granite counter top.   Dedicated granite care and maintenance programs.


Bathroom limestone floor cleaning, repair of scratches, sealing and restoration.


Travertine hole repair, cleaning, sealing and maintenance.


Tile and Grout Cleaning, Repair and Restoration

Stained or soiled grout cleaning, damaged grout repair and grout restoration.
Complete care and maintenance of tile and grout.
Grout sealing and coloring.

Dirty and damaged grout can be removed and replaced with new sanded or un-sanded grout.


Leaky Shower Repair

Leaks in shower walls or shower floors are caused by  loose or damaged grout in the shower floor or wall, damaged or broken wall or floor tiles, loose seams around shower floor, unsealed stone tiles, clogged or improperly constructed shower floor.


We carefully inspect shower grout, seams, tiles and shower floor along with shower pan and formulate a shower repair course of action.


We also offer complete stone care and maintenance program as well as stone shower and tile shower sealing and caulking.


Polishing marble in shower and bathroom vanity top in one of our specialties.


Concrete Polishing

Concrete floor cleaning.
Concrete polishing, staining and sealing

Visit our FAQs page for more information on:

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Weather you need, help with  cleaning marble service or information on how to clean marblegranite or limestonepolishing  marble, cleaning or repair of granite, bathroom shower repairs, Stone Tile and Grout Restoration Co. is the company of choice.